Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney "Suspends," So Dems Now Have Big Problem

The big, unexpected breaking news is that Mitt is "suspending" his campaign. On the fly with even less contemplation than usual, we opine the following:

  • Suspended campaigns never get revived. Mitt is done for 08.
  • There's so obviously no hope for Huckabee (and we won't mention the man with two first names who's alleged by some to be a Republican candidate). If Huck doesn't drop out soon, he'll look like a party pooper, while Mitt looks extremely classy and statesmanlike.
  • To be sure, Mitt probably realized it would take more of his own millions to make a go, and a man who earned that much money isn't likely to throw it away on a quixotic campaign.
  • So McCain is the nominee for sure and can now start acting presidential. With condolences to Mitt's and Huck's and even Paul's supporters among our gentle readers, we invite all to rally around the inevitable lesser of two evils (the nature of every political choice in our Republic or any other) in November. On this we will even extend grace to the likes of Ann Coulter, who is surely a regular reader of this blog, though not apparently inclined to listen on the first round.
  • This is a HUGE problem for the Dems, who look set to have a tough fight that may go until the convention and involve litigation, which is how Democrats prefer to settle close elections these days. While their candidates destroy each other, McCain can look like a statesman.
  • Romney is well positioned to win the GOP nomination in 2012 or 2016, depending on whether McCain wins and whether, if he wins, he runs for a second term at his advanced age. Republicans have largely nominated people who have been VP, are related to a recent president, or were the most recent runner up for the nomination. If Jeb Bush doesn't run, that means that on the next contested nomination Romney would need only defeat McCain's VP if McCain is elected.
  • Of course, Romney may become McCain's VP. But we're still for Lindsey Graham. Or Colin Powell. Or Condi Rice.


Leather Wii said...

There are likely few who have dreaded the prospect of a McCain nomination more than I. Yet now that he is the presumptive nominee, I will be all in for him. I hope I'm not alone. The perilous consequences of a Dem win in the general election cannot be overstated.

KevinK said...

Coulter, Dobson, and Limbaugh are soothing their egos with this talk of sitting out the election. I prefer Michelle Malkin's view that we need to focus on races and issues where conservatives have a chance of winning.

SWNID may be happy to learn that in an online poll asking who should be Mccain's running mate, Condi finished a strong third.

Not bad for someone who isn't even running for office.

Anonymous said...

As a point of disagreement, should Paul and Huckabee amass more than 670 of the nearly 1000 remaining delegates "Can't win a red state" McCain (CWARS McCain for short)would not have the 1191 delegates necessary to be elected. With states like Nebraska, Kentucky, South Dakota and Mississippi still needing to vote and Ron Paul's home state of Texas (where Huckabee has received an endorsement of influential pastors as well) it does not seem that CWARS McCain has it quite wrapped up yet.