Monday, August 31, 2009

America's Broken Healthcare System Leads the Way

The Jacksonville (FL) News reports that after a British family evacuated their cancer-stricken child to that city for innovative proton therapy--which happily proved successful--Britain's NHS is inviting its hospitals to bid for their own proton-therapy equipment.

So to where would this young man have fled had the United States had a system like Britain's? And where will the Brits learn about innovation when the US isn't innovating?

Meanwhile, WSJ gives space to two leading doctors, one amazingly also a writer for the far-left New Yorker, who detail various myths about American healthcare. Our fave: WHO's ranking of the US as 37th in quality of care:

The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. No. 1 among all countries in "responsiveness." Responsiveness has two components: respect for persons (including dignity, confidentiality and autonomy of individuals and families to make decisions about their own care), and client orientation (including prompt attention, access to social support networks during care, quality of basic amenities and choice of provider). This is what Americans rightly understand as quality care and worry will be lost in the upheaval of reform. Our country's composite score fell to 37 primarily because we lack universal coverage and care is a financial burden for many citizens.

So the rating has to do with WHO's weighting of specific criteria. Aha! Now the picture begins to make sense.

We say yet again: we are not against healthcare reform. We are against the direction of reform proposed by the present administration and presented by them, in the style of all the President's rhetoric, as the only choice versus the status quo.

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aha - the facts prevail - time to dismantle the UN anyway - ahoy full speed ahead!