Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SWNIDish Accusations Proved True Again

Part of the "Seldom Wrong" ethos is restraining triumphal declarations of one's rightness after the fact. It is enough to know in one's immaculate heart that one is SW without having to remind others, who are doubtless sensible of such as they observe the world around them in light of our pronouncements.

The restraint is not absolute, however. Occasionally, we allow ourself to crow.

We have called so-called town hall meetings "political theater." We have sardonically remarked that Mr. Obama has indeed "created" jobs as his political allies have hired people to be "grassroots" operatives for his initiative on "healthcare" (now restyled by the President's women and men as a struggle over "health insurance," surely a more accurate description of the issue even if the Obamanauts have rephrased in the attempt to demonize insurance companies as a demagogic political move).*

Hated rightist columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin demonstrates the awful truth of our assertions. Her blog today provides "cast biographies" for yesterday's political theater, noting that the randomly selected citizens who addressed Mr. Obama at his very own "town hall" were nothing less that confirmed Obamanoids of long standing. Ms. Malkin's description is most interesting, raising among other things the question whether members of the Service Employees International Union have the time ever actually to work for their employers.

Having attended a "town hall" event in the 2004 campaign, we note that when such events are planned at the Presidential- or Vice-Presidential-level, participants are inevitably hand-picked, as the metaphor is commonly employed.

With the stipulation that everyone does this, we note that the candidate who declared himself the end of such rank partisanship in fact ranks with the partisan.

*This political season is putting heavy demand on the supply of ironic quotation marks.

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