Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Notice to gentle readers: the intrepid folks at Blogger have flagged this vital blog as potentially a spam blog. On your behalf, we've asked a real human being to review this designation and unlock this precious resource of public edification. We hope for uninterrupted service in telling you what to think and why to think it about everything that really matters. But we can't make any promises.

And we are not yet ready to conclude that we've really been flagged by flag@whitehouse.gov. We're SWNIDish, not paranoid.



Micah said...

My immediate thought, after reading your first sentence, was "Guess you shouldn't have self-reported to the White House, huh?"

That's hilarious.

Greg said...

Wow. Neat. I have not yet been flagged... but I may be about to. I plan to do a chapter-by-chapter review of Glenn Beck's book Common Sense ... that might get some attention. Presenting facts and such...

Keep on spammin'!

Bryan D said...

"We're not paranoid" sounds like the desperate self-reassurance of a paranoid person.