Saturday, August 15, 2009

False Choice Acknowledged

Steve Benen, of the ever-thoughtful Huffington Post, today explores the impenetrable question as to why anyone would oppose the immaculate proposals on healthcare presently on offer from the immaculate Obama administration. Benen's argument is not difficult to follow or to analyze, but it's Saturday, so we'll attempt the not difficult.

First, Benen asserts that Obamacare is patently in everyone's self interest, including those who oppose it. Obamacare is good because the status quo is bad, including for opponents of Obamacare.

So why do folks oppose it? Benen delineates five categories of opponents. Four serve his purpose. The fifth reveals his fallacious argumentation.

Categories one through four are the Greedy (who profit from the present mess), the Partisans (who won't give their opponents a win), the Tin-Foil Hats (who are paranoid), and the Dupes (who fall for the nonsense from the first three).

Who are the fifth? The Wonks:

The smallest of the groups, The Wonks are conservatives who actually care about substantive policy details, have read the proposals, and believe there are better ways to improve the system. They're looking for a meaningful policy debate, and are slightly embarrassed by their allies' dishonest temper tantrums, but The Greedy, The Partisans, The Tin-Foil Hats, and The Dupes have decided to ignore The Wonks. They don't scream at town-hall meetings and they don't show up for 9/12 strategy sessions.

Oh. So there are good reasons to oppose Obamacare! So this is not a choice simply between a bright future and a bad present. But the views of these Wonks can be dismissed because they are small in number (fewer than the Tin-Foil Hats!) and are as put off by the baddies as are the Immaculate Obamanoids but are nevertheless apparently forever to be ignored because they have common cause with Bad People.

Thanks, Benen, on behalf of all nine of us Wonks Who Actually Care and Read.

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Matt Coulter said...

Thanks for being one of many voices speaking your mind in the name of freedom and reveling things you have found to be true.

I went to get a license for work from our county health department the other day. I was shocked when I walked into the lobby and saw families packing the lower level like a busy airport terminal. I couldn't believe this was government health care first hand. There is no way that many of those people were going to see a doctor that day. (I'm told by people there it is that way everyday.) This was already the afternoon and people were still coming in the waiting area as I was leaving. Oh, I know the "fault" is that everyone is not using this health system so the money isn't there to support it better. But let's be honest, you give the government all of your money and it will continue to NOT be there. It will be split to other self-interest groups before a doctor or patient sees any of it.

It's like the state school systems. Budgeting is the biggest problem needing REFORM. Due to the economy many families in our area are not able to send their children to school with supplies. So you know who gets to pay for the supplies? The teacher. Yeah, we just respect our teachers, don't we?

In my house we cut back on things we do not need to afford the things we do need and to repay any debts that we owe. That is rather fundamental regardless of which economic system you are under. I am not stating that to slam on other households, but primarily to state that our leadership knows NOTHING of being fiscally responsible.

Responsibility earns freedom (see book of Genesis - Story of Joseph).