Monday, August 10, 2009

Media Polymath Boyd Featured in Enquirer

Joe Boyd is a CCU alum who has taken an interesting path through ministry to acting and back again, acquiring along the way the skill set that now enables him to address a media-soaked American culture with media.

As he starts filming a low-budget movie that he's been working on for some time, Boyd is featured in today's Enquirer. We like the piece a lot because we like Boyd a lot.

The Enquirer couldn't resist marring its article with a cheesy title--"Storyteller, Soul-Saver . . . and Filmmaker." But those who get past that bit of kitsch will appreciate the saga of a life that has taken the twists that lives often do when they are really pilgrimages.

Disclaimer: we draw attention to this piece for lots of reasons that don't include the fact that Boyd's blog links our blog, which is the surest sign of his enlightenment.

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