Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ted the Feminist

At the risk of overkill in speaking ill of the dead, we note today's NY Post column by Maureen Callahan, ably discussing the disconnect between Ted Kennedy's behavior toward women and his standing with vocal feminists.

Worth noting in this piece is the Senator's documented, ongoing, boorish behavior well after July 1969. Apparently his second marriage finally curtailed such behaviors as trying to pick up underage girls, manhandling waitresses in restaurants, and trysting with lobbyists on banquet room floors.

Someday we'd like a word from the feminists for all the guys who are cherishing their wives and raising their daughters, including the Republicans and Christians who are on the feminists' bad list. But we recognize that those guys don't do what they do to be lauded, especially by self-styled feminists. So on second thought, forget it.

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