Friday, March 10, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different: NPR Covers Positive Impact of Christian Missionaries on Social Structures

National Public Radio (motto: "Still longing for Daniel Ortega to return to power") every once in a while manages to cover something out of the ordinary. Today's Morning Edition had one of those occasions.

A regular Morning Edition feature is excerpts from "Storycorps," a Library of Congress project where ordinary people make recordings about their memories for an oral history archive. Today's excerpt featured Joyce Lee interviewing her mother, Hee-Sook Lee, about her experiences as an immigrant to Los Angeles from South Korea. Mrs. Lee recounted that she learned English in Korea in the home of American missionaries, but that she also learned a different way for husbands and wives to interact with each other than the one to which she was accustomed.

Follow the link and listen to the full story, which should be posted today after 10 a.m. EST. Don't just read the summary on the web page: they left out the parts that connect the dots.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs SWNID, who rarely posts comments, says you MUST listen to the link in this article. Christians make much more of an impact when they live the Gospel than when they beat people over their heads with it. Even NPR listened.