Friday, March 10, 2006

Senate Intelligence Chairman Follows SWNID's Advice

Senator Pat Roberts (R-Rationality), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, explains today in USA Today (hence, he explains very briefly, using little words and short sentences) what the committee is going to do about all that "warrantless wiretapping" that the Bush administration has been doing.

In short, they're doing what SWNID has recommended: exercising reasonable oversight as the legislative branch but not bringing to a halt the President's war powers as they relate to intelligence gathering. Specifically, a subcommittee of seven senators "will provide enhanced oversight and will help ensure that any legislation related to the program is based on fact, not speculation."

Note as well that this approach was worked out quietly between Congress and the Executive, without any public hearings in which Senator Kennedy (D-Glennfiddich) hectored NSA officials.

When following the link to read Roberts's article, don't miss his artful opening remark that the whole program came to public attention because of a criminal act on the part of the person who leaked it.

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