Friday, March 24, 2006

Book Announcement, Plus SWNID Shamelessly Begs and Again Explains What We Do Here

Gentle readers know that the satire of this blog is but a shadow of the masterful Since the creative demise of the Wittenburg [sic] Door, this insightful publication is the leading source of Christian parody, offering a hilarious monthly sendup of the American evangelical subculture.

And so we are pleased to announce the publication of A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat by Joel Kilpatrick, founder of Chapters include:

  • What Evangelicals Believe - Plus a Master List of Who Is Going to Hell
  • How to Party Like an Evangelical - Ambrosia, Li'l Smokies, and Potluck Fever
  • The Diversity of Evangelical Politics - From Right-Wing to Wacko
  • How to Talk and Act Like an Evangelical Without Being One
  • Evangelical Mating Habits - The Shocking Truth
  • Identifying Evangelicals in the Field
  • Sighting Evangelicals Overseas
  • Planning Your Field Trip to an Evangelical Church
  • Decorating Like an Evangelical

SWNID very much looks forward to reading this book. However, we confess to being less than fully willing to part with the $14.95 to purchase it.

So we make the following shameless appeal.

We've been blogging for free for months now. And you've been reading it, and loving it.

Unless you're one of the folks whom we've upset. We apologize to you. Whatever it was, we didn't mean it.*

But if you like what you've been reading here, and if you have a copy of A Field Guide to Evangelicals, and especially if you're going to get one because you read about it here . . .

How about loaning it to us when you're done?

Please indicate your willingness to share with your brother in need in the comments section.


*Again, to remind readers of our editorial stance: we do satire and sarcasm here, and the person we send up most consistently is the person who writes this drivel. See, we just did it. Only sinners get made fun of here, so that's everyone, including us. So if your feelings were hurt by what you read here once, we fully accept responsibility and offer our apologies. But we also invite you to see what we're trying to do and laugh at yourself as we are at ourselves.

Or as a a brother once said to us, "I've learned to take Christ very seriously and not take myself seriously at all."


Kevin_K said...

As one of those who has been concerned by seeming somtimes self righteous attitude of SWNID, I accept your apology.

Hey, NONE of us are perfect.

Make sure you see me tomorrow before you leave WOCC for a copy of the book.

Kevin_K said...

The last post should read the seeming, sometimes, self righteous.,.,.

I should proof read before I hit the send button.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

We offer our sincere thanks for the gracious gift. We are surprised and grateful.

And so, in the spirit of generosity by which we received the book, we hereby declare the opening of the SWNID pass-along lending library. When we are finished with Field Guide, we will gladly loan the book to the first person requesting it via a comment on this post. That person agrees to terms of service as follows: when finished reading, he or she must do the same. And so on.

So there are actual, tangible benefits to reading SWNID.

Anonymous said...

karpenske wants to borrow it :)