Monday, March 27, 2006

SWNID Linked on Slate, So Now Can Die Happy

The indispensable Site Meter tells us that folks have found our little blogdom via a link at Slate.

Who knew that there was so much interest in banned laptops at a law school?

We do, however, take great pride, doubtlessly sinful pride, in being linked at what some would style the internet's number one site for opinion, analysis and trends. We shall doubtless add this to our CV (a largely pointless exercise as we are divinely preordained to spend our entire working lives at one job), include it in our Christmas letter, and consider using it as an occasion to retire while still "on top."

So, gentle readers, if we stop posting, blame Slate.


Tim said...

Jon? Who's Jon? I thought this was Dr. Weatherly's blog!

The Bing said...
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