Friday, March 24, 2006

Good News, And SWNID Was WRONG Too

At the beginning of the week we drew attention to the plight of Abdul Rahman, the Afghani threatened with execution for having converted to Christianity sixteen years ago. Now we update.

The good news is that CNN reports from "a source with detailed knowledge of the case" that Rahman may be released soon. If so, it will be a fine and blessed event, and we welcome it.

The bigger news is that this blogger may have been wrong. Yes, WRONG. It happens seldom, but it happens.

Specifically we wrote, "Don't expect this to get much coverage in the United States." At the end of the week, we'd say that it has received at least adequate coverage in our republic's MSM.

Of course, maybe we weren't exactly wrong. Maybe the MSM is watching this blog for story ideas.

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