Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Ports: Good News for Rs in 11-06

The massive Republican revolt against the Dubai ports deal is being heralded by many in the MSM as the first sign of the impending Democrat surge leading to a change in the control of Congress this November. But like most prognostications of the MSM, and all about which this blogger prognosticates the opposite, this will not come to pass in this way.

John Podhoretz, at the opinion-rich NY Post, knows why. The Rs saved W on this as they did with Harriet Miers. So the Ds can't claim partisan advantage. More than that, it's March. Barely. And the election is in ... April? No, wait ... November!

So here's how the Congressional debate will go when Americans start paying attention after having thrown out their jack o'lanterns.

D: My Republican opponent can't be trusted with national security. Just look at the deal that the President approved to allow Arabs to run US ports.

(Voters: What is he talking about?)

R: Actually, I voted against that deal in committee. So did all but two of my Republican colleagues. We don't hesitate to differ with the President, whose overall work in this area I applaud, when we think he's wrong.

(Voters: I think I can trust the incumbent Republican. He sounds sensible. The Democrat sounds like a politician.)


JB in CA said...

Exactly! I second your prediction. It is in this type of "analysis" (read: hope, desire, pipe dream) that the MSM inevitable shows its true colors.

JB in CA said...

Okay, okay, I should have said "inevitably." Who edits this site, anyway?