Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Taylor Recaptured Before Robertson Opens Mouth

Good news today from Nigeria, where deposed Liberian despot, warlord and arch-criminal Charles Taylor, who disappeared from his home in Nigeria over the weekend, has been recaptured. Taylor had been granted asylum by Nigeria as part of a deal to end the 14-year civil war in Liberia, but the Nigerian government had recently bowed to international pressure to surrender Taylor to an international tribunal to face charges of crimes against humanity.

This good news is augmented by the fact that Taylor was captured before Pat Robertson, his partner in corrupt gold mining operations in Liberia, had the chance to issue yet another embarrassing-to-Christians-everywhere statement of support for the murderous, grafting weasel of an ex-dictator.

And in that light, we thank gentle reader Dave R for directing our attention to the timely and significant "Christians Against Pat Speaking" (CAPS) online petition. We urge gentle readers to follow the link and lend their support to a brotherly exhortation to Mr. Robertson to retire from all public statements and live the rest of his life in benign obscurity. This outcome would deprive SWNID of a favorite blog topic, but we are willing to make the sacrifice for the good of humanity and especially the good of the gospel.

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