Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bush Moves on Iran Talks Demonstrate Influence of Condi

While pundits spend the weekend discussing whether Bush's recent diplomatic initiatives* represent his moving (or caving) to the center in response to Obama's popularity, SWNID will offer a suitably contrarian point of view.

The administration's recent diplomacy, most especially with Iraq, are Condi Rice's doing. And they're after other initiatives that have taken time to develop. Ms. Rice has persuaded the President to approach Iran as the US approached the USSR during the Cold War: with multiple sources of pressure followed by strong diplomatic moves. Differently viewed, she is using TR's "speak softly" after having brandished the "big stick."

Time and again we believe Ms. Rice has proved the most deft hand within the administration.
Here's another example.

*Follow this link to an article in WaPo and see definitive evidence of the impending doom of the Old Media: the Washington Post now links the Onion as a "partner."


Neil Eckstein said...

Usually, with the stunning amount of clarity that SWNID exemplifies, LAWKI finds himself without confusion. However, I've missed your point here. Are you actually attempting to exonerate ole' Georgie Pooh here? Are you holding our friend Condi up a bit higher? Or are you mocking the whole situation?

I am ashamed at my ignorance -- please enlighten your newest faithful subscriber.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

You're right: this posting is about as clear as Ohio River water.

In sum, we think (a) there's nothing inconsistent with Bush's diplomatic overture to Iran, especially as it's backed up with various forms of non-diplomatic pressure; (b) this is the result of Condi's influence; (c) after 7.5 years, Condi is clearly the person in the administration who has exerted the most productive and successful influence on administration policy.