Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Wiretap Law, Only Six Years Late

Three cheers for the US Senate, for passing a bill to bring laws regulating wiretapping into reasonable touch with the needs of the moment.

A special cheer for Senator Obama, who found it in his heart to renounce his silly objection to immunity for cooperating telecom companies and so to vote yea. At the rate that the presumptive nominee is moving to the right, we can expect him to place flowers on Jesse Helms's grave by August.

A good 2.5 years ago, SWNID complained that instead of endlessly bloviating about violated civil rights or threatened national security, Congress should craft new legislation. Our complaint was only about four years after 9/11 "changed everything," so we don't think we can be accused of impatience. Now we thank Congress for its timely action.

Who says you can't get things done in an election year?

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