Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Edwards Sex Scandal: Too Many Ironies

The National Enquirer's* story that their reporters found John Edwards at a hotel with a woman alleged to be his mistress and a child alleged to be theirs is for SWNID too ripe with irony to ignore.

Edwards made a valiant attempt to run on his wife's tragic cancer story and their long and successful marriage. So much for that. Now he sounds like a polygamist wannabe. Mr. Senator, meet "Elkanah."

The populist Edwards was champion of the working man. So much for that. Now he's jetting about to visit his paramour in a swanky hotel and likely sending a nice check each month for the child's upkeep.

Buzz had it that the Breck Girl was on Obama's short list for veep. We thought that was pretty dumb, given Edwards's nationwide flop in 2004 and again so far in 2008. Now we'd say he's doomed, unless Obama is so convinced of his inevitability that he'd take on this liability on top of Edwards's general lack of appeal.

*Yes, it's a supermarket tabloid. It also has a legendary fact-checking department (to avoid legal entanglements) and is one of the most profitable publications in the history of civilization(?).


Chief Grinder said...

Thank you Jesus. The only thing worse than the Breck girl would be Billary. Do you think your buddy Breck girl jr. (Evan Bayh) has a chance?

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

The thought makes our blood run cold. Someone (can't remember who) recently made the point that Bayh doesn't add much to the ticket: he could pull Indiana for Obama, but only if Obama was running close in Indiana otherwise. And if Obama is running close in Indiana, he's running away with it nationwide.

We hope he's got that figured. But who knows? Bush the First took Quayle (also a Hoosier) for no apparent reason at all.