Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SWNID Commends: Institute for Christian Resources

We commend to gentle readers' attention the fine organization known as the Institute for Christian Resources. This resourceful bunch is making available for free the audio from lots of lectures by some decently interesting and informed Christian folk that SWNID knows or knows about.

Navigate here to find links to the currently available audio. Those who click on the link entitled "Introduction to the Gospels" and further click on links that appear thereafter will hear a voice that is to some familiar, even haunting.


Anonymous said...

iTunes U (linked from the iTunes store) has a similar function. I have already decreased my hard-drive capacity with the likes of: L. Schiffman, J. Polkinghorne, DA Carson, A. Malhberbe, et al. Now I will have to diminish it ever further with your helpful link. (I should probably buy an external hard-drive).

Alex Diaz said...

This is a great resource! I will pass it along to some guys here in SoFlo who want to take classes but are not able to attend due to various circumstances. They'll love it! Hopefully it'll haunt them as well!

Thanks for everything you do.