Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dear DNC: A SWNID Epistle

Dear Democratic National Committee, Governor Dean and Senator Obama:

Thank you for the very kind letter that we received in the post yesterday. We appreciate all your efforts to stay in touch with us as the political season wears on and on. Ever since 2004 when we first subscribed to your email updates, Governor Dean, we've appreciated the personal efforts of you and other members of the Democratic Party to stay in touch with us.

We are grateful for the opportunity to respond to the survey enclosed in your letter. We found some of the choices of response rather constrained, shall we say. However, we don't doubt the sincerity of your efforts to gather our opinions as you shape your platform for the upcoming election.

We were so anxious to respond to your survey that we discarded the paper form and went immediately to the web site mentioned in your letter: www.democrats.org/survey. But navigating to that site, we discovered what we think is an error in programming. That URL directed us not to a survey but instead to https://www.democrats.org/page/contribute, a page that solicits not our views but our hard-earned money.

As a member of the middle class--purported by the patriots of the Democratic Party to be the victims of an historic, Karl-Rove-orchestrated "squeeze" of corporate welfare, stagnating wages, high gas prices and upper-income tax cuts that benefit only the wealthy--we have not a penny for tribute.

But we do have opinions and look forward to sharing them with you. So could you please get that page fixed so that we can tell you what we think about gas prices, taxes, Iraq, the credit crisis, immigration and all that other stuff?

Thanks for your kind attention to this humble request. Please accept our very best wishes for the upcoming election.

Very sincerely yours,

P.S. Just a point of information: you mention that our Republic faces the prospect of a third term for George W. Bush and Karl Rove. We want to remind you that Mr. Bush is forbidden by the constitution from serving another term and the Mr. Rove resigned from the Bush administration some months ago. Perhaps you were speaking metaphorically of a candidate who would be a surrogate for a prior president who is constitutionally forbidden from serving again. In that case, we want to assure you that Mrs. Clinton will not receive her party's nomination for this year.

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