Friday, July 04, 2008

Obama Continues to Provoke Wonder

The formidable Charles Krauthammer devoted his column last week to chronicling and analyzing Senator Obama's notable recent shifts from clearly articulated leftist positions to less clearly articulated centrist positions.

But the Junior Senator from Illinois has with additional shifts, most obviously on Iraq, compelled Dr. Krauthammer to address the same subject this week.

SWNID has said all along that any Democrat elected to the Oval Office would be forced by events to pursue essentially the same policy toward Iraq that her or his Republican challenger would have pursued. But we did not expect that the truth of this obvious prognostication would be so soon revealed.

We expect the following to occur, and hereby offer the attached advice:

  • Obama will visit Iraq and return to announce all that he has learned that necessitates a different approach than he has previously taken to Iraq, blaming all that was bad on pernicious George W. Bush and crediting all that is good to America's intrepid military. We note that the assertion that he needed the trip to see the truth, if honestly made, does not speak well for the acuity of the candidate.
  • Many voters will ask themselves whether there's a good reason to vote for McCain instead of Obama if Obama will follow more or less the same policy on Iraq as McCain, and many will conclude that they'd rather vote for the cool guy than the old guy. They should then wonder on which set of principles the cool guy will act when the next crisis arises.

Who would have thought that the mercurial McCain would be pitted against someone whose political philosophy is so markedly less firm than his own?

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