Thursday, July 24, 2008

CCU Wins Major Federal Court Case

Colorado Christian University (gotcha, denizens of Cincinnati Christian) yesterday won a major federal case challenging the state of Colorado policy that withheld state-based student aid to students at "pervasively sectarian colleges."

Federal judges sensibly ruled that if the state grants money to students going to some religious colleges, it ought not deny it to others because they are differently religious.

Barry Linn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (suggested comment: names of organizations containing oxymorons that rival "united for separation") complains that this will require people without faith to support faith-based colleges with their tax dollars. We say, So what? The shoe is on the other foot, too. In fact, because the secular educational establishment is so large and dominated by state universities, people of faith have a lot more of their dough supporting faith-hostile higher education than the other way around. So the un-faithers are getting the better deal while the faithers just pay their taxes and move on.

The pervasively sectarian SWNID says that this ruling proves that not everything moves inexorably toward secularization, atheism and evil. It just shifts around all the time.

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