Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eyewitness to Gonaives Flood

Friend of SWNID Bill Fudge was in Gonaives, Haiti, when Hurricane Hanna destroyed the city. Today on WKRC, he recounted some of his experiences. Bill is an extreme veteran of work in Haiti, but he'll tell you that this is the worst thing he's seen.

Here's the video:

As always, we recommend that our thoughtful global readership send donations for relief to International Disaster Emergency Services. We can guarantee that all monies will get to the point of need and help people rebuild their lives after the initial wave of disaster relief is gone.

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Curtis Rogers said...

This flooding has been tragic for Gonaives and other parts of Haiti as well. Even as these storms hit America it is important to remember Haiti, Cuba, and the other countries hit by the storms. IDES and organizations like it play a key role in getting aid to those who need it.