Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Respond to a Closed or Open Campus

Yesterday many CCU students enjoyed a cookout on the quad, decorated the sidewalks with chalk drawings, read, played board games, assisted with traffic control on Glenway Avenue, and found other ways to redeem their un-electrified time.

Miami University, with the benefit of an emergency generating system, announced that it would be open today. Some 1000 students protested, complaining that while power was available on campus, students living off campus were unable to set alarms, cook, or use computers. The university's reminder that such students could avail themselves of the library for study were insufficient to quell the protests.

We don't mean to imply that either institution's students are all alike in their adaptability or lack thereof. We simply note the irony of students complaining that their university is too well prepared for an emergency.


Bryan D said...

I remember that one of the favorite power shortage activities when I was there was hide-and-go-seek on the darkened campus grounds. One thing I find infinitely amazing about Christian youth is our (no one dare call me an adult, I'm still in school which means I can stay a boy forever!) ability to entertain ourselves with next to nothing at hand.

steve-o said...

No electricity in Oxford + increased alcohol consumption = Miami student protests.