Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's This Guy When We Need Him to Solve the Financial Crisis?

We thank intrepid gentle reader KevinK for directing us to this vital video:

We confess that this trailer gives us hope. We like the new setting (far from LA) and the more global perspective. We admit that we're a sucker for kids too.


Three of Four said...

(Elizabeth Dole look-alike): "How imminent?"
(Smart weird guy from Numbers): "Very"

OK, I am a big 24 fan. I also realize that the show's strengths are not necessarily in its dialogues. However, that has to be one of the worst lines I have ever seen in a trailer. Nevertheless, I am looking "very" forward to Jack Bauer's latest adventures. I wonder if he will team up with Don Cheadle.

JB in CA said...

I'm just hoping there's no threat of a nuclear attack this season, so I don't have to hear Jack say "noo-kya-ler" (over and over) again.