Friday, September 19, 2008

SWNID Apologizes for Biden

Some nine months ago, implored by a gentle reader to advise on which Democrat a loyal Democrat should back for the nomination, we offered some analysis of the candidates at the time, including this about Joe Biden:

Anyone who votes for Biden should remember that (a) he has an awful tendency to speak before thinking, a tendency that we recognize easily as a fellow sufferer; (b) he has no chance of actually getting the nomination. A vote for Biden is a vote that he be appointed to the cabinet by the next President, which strikes us as what he's probably after in his campaign, aside from the adrenaline rush of being near the action.

Well, certainly Biden got more than he expected with the veep nomination. And he's proved to be everything we suggested, and more. Even the Gray Lady is saying as much:

Yet Joltin’ Joe has also become a fascinating Off Broadway spectacle in his own right. He is a distinctive blend of pit bull and odd duck whose weak filters make him capable of blurting out pretty much anything — “gaffes,” out-of-nowhere comments (pivoting midspeech to say “Excuse my back!” to people seated behind him), goofy asides (tapping a reporter’s chest and telling him, “You need to work on your pecs.”) . . .

[Referring to Senator McCain] “It literally saddens me,” added Mr. Biden, who tends to used the word “literally” about a dozen times per speech (literally).

We are literally apologizing for ever suggesting, even half seriously, that folks vote for this motormouth. And we ask why Obama thought that someone who had run twice for the presidential nomination and never even come close would add something to his ticket. And we wonder why people think that a guy with this level of verbal discipline is ready to be a heartbeat from the presidency while Governor Palin is not.

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