Sunday, September 14, 2008

Owings as a Red: Kaboom!

Saturday's debut of player-to-be-named-later Micah Owings, the Babe Ruth of the 21st century, with the Cincinnati Reds, couldn't have been more dramatic.

Dusty Baker today told Marty Brennaman that Owings had said that he wasn't sure whether he could pitch but he was sure he could hit.

Owings was understatedly right. In the tenth inning, he knocked a pinch-hit double to drive in the deciding run.

Gentle readers will be glad to know that Owings is a committed Christian as well as an amazing hitter and talented pitcher.

Welcome to Cincinnati, Micah! We hope that you have a lot of nights like Saturday.


JB in CA said...

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, Carlos Zambrano, the other hitting pitcher (who is also a Christian) threw a no-hitter against the Astros to go with his .354 average and four HRs. Could this finally be "next year" for the Cubs?

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Zambrano threw his no-no against what may have been the tiredest, most disoriented team in baseball history: the Houston Astros, having been evacuated from a hurricane to play a home game in Milwaukee. Still, we tip our Reds cap to him and confess that we are pulling for a Red-Line series.