Sunday, September 21, 2008

Owings: Kaboom Kaboom!

Saturday night Dusty Baker sent pitcher Micah Owings to the plate to pinch hit. The bases were loaded. Two were out.

Owings delivered a two-run single. The Reds never trailed thereafter.

We believe that makes him two for two as a Red, in both cases delivering the go-ahead-to-stay RBI.

We offer to personally purchase a first-baseman's glove for Owings, if it helps for next year. He'll need something to do on the days he doesn't pitch.

We also note that with this hit, Owings clinched a playoff berth for the Chicago Cubs. Perhaps this is the Cubs' year, a century since their last one.


christine said...

I'm a fourth generation cubs fan, and normally an optomist, but I'm not holding my breath.

Go Cubs!!

JB in CA said...

I feel your pain, Christine. But I'm afraid we're both stuck. Once a Cub fan, always a Cub fan. Oh, well. Go Cubs! (And way-to-go Micah!)