Friday, September 09, 2005

Book Announcement, And Right on Time Too!

SWNID is proud to announce to the world that Standard Publishing has just released the outstanding and timely Sharing the Narnia Experience by SWNID friend, CCU faculty colleague and former CCU college roommate Paul Friskney.

This lovely volume is aimed at parents who want to introduce their children to the luminous world of Narnia, specifically The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. But it can be appreciated by all who want a knowledgeable and readable guide to this greatest (remember: never in doubt) of children's fantasy stories. Best of all, it's out in advance of the movie version, the upcoming debut of which makes the book all the more timely.

Though the link above is to Amazon, they don't have it yet. So order from the CCU Bookstore.

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JB from CA said...

As one friend and former CCU college roomate of Paul Friskney to another, I too can vouch for the author. Indeed, I've just placed an order for his book. SWNID is right (and, of course, seldom wrong): others should do likewise.