Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MSM Can't Recognize Integrity at Point-Blank Range

All SWNID readers should read Powerline blogger Scott Johnson's piece over at the Daily Standard (web supplement to the dead-tree Weekly Standard). Rarely does a review of a review merit attention, but this one does.

It concerns the review of a recent biography of Charles Colson in the Washington Post by one David Greenburg, a professor at New Jersey State (a.k.a. Rutgers). In short, Greenburg accuses Colson of pursuing ministry for pecuniary gain, despite the abundant evidence that Colson has generously donated his considerable book royalties and speaking honoraria in their entirety to Prison Fellowship and related ministries. The Post's own web bio of Colson admits as much.

Johnson doesn't go into the reasons for Greenburg's smear piece. SWNID will. Greenburg obviously is one of those peculiar folks who just can't get over his anger with Richard Nixon. SWNID has discussed this leftist phenomenon before. It's demonstrably worse than conservative hatred for Clinton, which is already diminishing and certainly will not live as long as its object, even though the object is in rapidly declining health.

What's so awful about this ignore-the-facts hit is that a genuinely fine man, as obvious a case of conversion as one is likely to meet, is unrecognized by Greenburg and his ilk. The inability forgive leads, it seems, to the inability to see.

Greenburg is apparently now working on a biography of Calvin Coolidge. SWNID has a warning for him: Touch not the Lord's anointed!

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