Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Defining Self Centeredness

Armin Meiwes is a cannibal. A German cannibal. It seems that he met a man on the internet who agreed to be killed and eaten by him. Thanks to the rigorous anti-cannibalism laws in the Federal Republic of Germany, he is now serving the inhumane sentence of 8 1/2 years in prison.

And he is filing lawsuits. The entertainment industry is exploiting him without his permission.

He is suing to stop the release of the film Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story, claiming it was based on his life.

"I feel used," MSNBC reports Meiwes as saying. His victim could not be reached for remarks on his own feelings.

Further, according to MSNBC:

Meiwes also is suing German rock band Rammstein, claiming its song "Mein Teil" (My Piece) refers to his case.

Perhaps if the EU hadn't sent so much money to the Palestinian Authority, it could provide better protections against cannibal exploitation at home.

We do not know where gentle readers can send donations for Meiwes's legal expenses, but we will pass the information along as it becomes available.

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