Sunday, January 15, 2006

No Blogging Tonight, 8-10 p.m. EST

We've been patiently waiting for this day since the end of May. We've wondered whether this might be the last such day. Whether it is or not, it's here. 24 has its season premiere tonight.

Gentle readers, there will be no blogging between 8 and 10 p.m. EST. Please do not phone during those hours either.

Fox has teased its addicted public relentlessly about this event. We refer gentle readers to the Fox Video site (on the site, click the link at left for 24) for a clip from episode one of season five, some shallow showbiz interviews with cast members, footage of Kiefer Sutherland cutting a cake to celebrate the filming of the 100th episode, but most especially the last video, a promotion depicting "an obsessed 24 fan preparing for the premiere."

Regarding this last video, we have contemplated suing Fox for developing a promo so obviously based on SWNID. But in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, while not equating the Fox Network with the people of God, we will refrain.

One additional note: part of us hopes that this will indeed be the last season of 24, and we are disturbed by cast members suggesting that the show has inexhaustible potential, an assertion that lacks historical perspective. We fear that one day in a season to come, Jack will be surfing in a leather jacket and will deftly jump the shark poised to attack him. Let's keep it the experience pure, savoring memories and DVDs, with a tastefully limited run.

Please, Fox: don't do to 24 what you've done to the Simpsons.


Curtis Rogers said...

I too have been long awaiting the coming of the new season of 24, even to the point to that I will not be coming up to school from Lexington until after the second episode monday night so I can watch it with fellow fanatics. With the state of U.K. basketball at this point, 24 offers something good to watch on T.V. and is the only show worth missing the Simpsons for. It is disturbing the similarities between SWNID and myself when it comes to our choice in television and movies, Godfather is my number one. Hopefully I will be able to prevent the impending rise in sarcasm and ego levels that appear to be in my near future, but if I can't maybe I will have a career in teaching at CCU. Enjoy the show and keep up the good blogging.

Rustypants said...

you know, dude, i've tolerated a lot of your crap over the last 4+ years on a personal and professional level. Your jibe against the Simpsons is simply the last straw. i've had it up to here with your self-righteous, pompous, psudo-erudite opinions. enough! there are ample other shows that can be classified as garbage without attacking homer and his clan. there's still enough good social commentary to laugh at, making it a worthwhile show.

i have more issue with 60 minutes doing a puff piece on desperate housewives (er, felicity huffman) than the simpsons getting a little fat around the middle.

long live the simpsons! down with psudo-erudite arrogance!

(24 was pretty sweet tonight - good to see jack back from the dead although things were just a bit difficult to swallow. i usually expect the "hard to believe" stuff to hit around hour 12....)