Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is This Why We Need More Foreign Aid?

Ha-Aretz (Hebrew: "The Land") reports that World Bank official Nigel Roberts says that the Palestinian Authority, which with 130,000 employees is by far the largest employer in the Palestinian territories, is functionally bankrupt and will not be able to pay salaries to its workers.

The article also reports that the PA has received more foreign aid on a per-capita basis ($300 per year per Palestinian Arab man, woman or child) than any other entity in the post-World-War-II world.

This is obviously a failure of the United States to live up to its obligations as the world's sole superpower. Who can live on $300 per year? Clearly we need to give more to the kleptocrats on the West Bank, so that Palestinians can continue to watch Al-Jazeera full time.

Or maybe Yassir Arafat managed to take it with him.

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