Tuesday, January 10, 2006

SWNID Frequents Open-Air Drug Markets

The University of Cincinnati's Criminal Justice Department yesterday released a study of seven police "hot spots" in Our Fair City. The study identifies all as "open-air drug markets." Over 3000 police calls in 2004 came from these seven spots.

In the interests of full disclosure, SWNID reports that five of these seven spots have played a pretty significant role in our everyday life.

One is on Glenway Avenue at Dewey, just a couple of blocks from the former home of SWNID and family and less than two miles from the CCU campus. This spot we passed on foot twice daily for over a decade.

Four others are in Evanston, clustered near Walnut Hills High School, current educational location of daughter of SWNID and alma mater of Son of SWNID. We have driven past these sites on numerous occasions. On one occasion, we waited for a Metro bus in the midst of one.

SWNID nevertheless affirms that despite our association with major drug-dealing locations, we comply entirely with the drug-free policy of our employer.

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