Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Peruse Bush's Kansas State Speech

Gentle readers will note that recent posts have been few and brief. Life being what it is, SWNID lately has had to ignore some really delicious stories that need sustained attention. Consequently, we've only had the opportunity to blog what could be blogged quickly.

Today we would be remiss if we did not supply readers with a link to the transcript of Dubya's speech yesterday at Kansas State. We heard excerpts on the radio last night while washing dishes and have since only had the chance to scan parts of the transcript. Nevertheless, we will risk a judgment from our fragmentary examination: the speech was a masterful statement in plain language of the President's understanding of his duties, the state of the world and the needed response to it.

The President appears to have spoken extemporaneously from notes instead of from a prepared text. The effect was impressive. It was even more impressive when Bush took questions.

We hear that MSM outlets have focused on the President's response to a question about Brokeback Mountain. We find the transcript of that remark to be especially amusing, but we assume that the MSM presents it as a demonstration that Dubya is a Philistine.


Karpenske said...

I googled you and couldnt find your blog that I have heard much of recently. Britton googled you and jack bauer and found it. I'm 2 months in and must go to sleep because I have another interview at Indian Hill in the morning. I look forward to continuning my reading tomorrow. I was glad to know even without your influence and wisdom I voted for Mallory. PS We watched this weeks 24 and I love Aaron Pierce. He can be my secret service agent any day!

Anonymous said...

update! we can't go this long without a weatherly update!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, I agree. I don't know what to think anymore on political issues, I need guidance!!!

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