Thursday, January 05, 2006

One More Note on Pat

Today's flurry of Pat Robertson news coincides with a nice little part of SWNID's life.

We have been invited to preside in February at the wedding of a CCU alumna and her betrothed, the nuptials to be held at the Founders' Inn of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Such invitations are always a delight of course, as they allow us to enjoy a very happy occasion with an esteemed former student and her family and friends. The occasion provides many blessings and involves only the slightest of inconveniences, such as being sure that one has complied with the laws of the state in regard to the solemnization of marriages.

As it happens, Virginia requires that those who celebrate weddings as religious officiants be registered with the county court where the wedding will be held.

This means that SWNID must be registered with the county that is home to the ever-embarrassing Pat Robertson as he holds forth so eloquently on the 700 Club.

And so we wish that Virginia would find a way to pass a law to require televangelists to register and then find an excuse to deny Robertson his registration. We believe that, given Robertson's record, even the conservative Roberts Supreme Court would uphold the constitutionality of such a statute and its application.

And all the saints said ...

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Evan said...

Most of Pat Robertson's remarks are kind of like that Snickers commercial with the guy who's bald and he's trying to use them as a hairpiece...its very annoying and you wish they would drop it off of the cliff of the Grand Canyon, ending all of our pain and torture everytime it darkened our television screens.