Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"America Agrees with SWNID on Giuliani"--Fox News

It's over, folks. Schedule the Giuliani inauguration for January 2009. The American electorate clearly has read this blog and followed its advice.

Fox News reports that Rudy clobbers everybody in their presidential preference poll taken September 27-28. He ranks above all candidates, R and D, on leadership and understanding needs of ordinary Americans. He is chosen by 50% or more in every head-to-head pairing. He has much stronger R support than nearest R rival John McCain, who does almost as well head-to-head with Ds only because he draws some D support.

Unless Rudy gets sick again, or decides for some strange reason not to run, or does something uncharacteristically stupid, he's going to be the next president. Maybe if every Islamo-Fascist became a Quaker between now and November 2008, we'd see some change in the public's assessment. Otherwise, he'll annihilate McCain in the primaries and waltz to election over Hillary, stealing New York and maybe California from the Ds. He might carry 50 states, leaving just DC to the Ds.

Sure, we're not even to the midterm elections. But who fits the bill better than Rudy, and who else is out there who could even begin to challenge him?

What's really dismal for the Ds is that none of their candidates poll above any of the Rs on leadership. It's not much better on understanding the needs of Mr. and Mrs. America. On that perceived quality Hillary is the only D who manages to poll above an R, and that R is Secretary of State and avowed noncandidate Condi Rice. We say again, the Ds fecklessness has left this a one-party republic.

National electoral politics will be very dull for the next few years. We will blog something else, I suppose. Anybody got some tips on preventing black spot on roses?

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