Thursday, October 27, 2005

World Series: Restoring Confidence in the "World"

What the Chicago White Sox's four-game sweep of the Houston Astros lacked in suspense, it more than made up in sheer brilliance. The Pale Hose impressed SWNID as the most fundamentally sound and balanced baseball team in recent memory. This is team that plays the game the way that Abner Doubleday intended. Their 11-1 record against impressive opposition in the postseason is testimony enough to that.

We expect that gentle readers noticed that the World Series is indeed a world event now. Not only is it followed around the world, but the teams are genuinely international. And with the way that the Sox's League of Nations hits, runs, catches and throws, we have greater confidence in the world.

SWNID also affirms the rightness of the choice of Jermaine Dye as Series MVP. Dye hit the ball with surgical precision and alarming frequency, and he was slick with the leather too. However, we want to say a word of awe-filled appreciation for the skills of third baseman Joe Crede. Not since Brooks Robinson spoiled the Reds' party in 1970 has the hot corner been played with such quickness and agility, and with similar results.

Our baseball mantra is that we like watching the sport because we enjoy seeing millionaires make mistakes. But the truth is, not many mistakes were made in this series. Sort of makes you proud to be a citizen of the world.

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