Thursday, October 13, 2005

For Those Without Cable: How to Rock the Vote

Son of SWNID sends a link to Matt Labash's droll summary of celebrity-driven efforts at encouraging voter turnout. For those, like the SWNID household, without the social demon of cable or satellite TV, and hence no access to MTV's Rock the Vote and similar escapades, Labash chronicles what we haven't seen but already knew: that ignorant, apathetic celebrities who try to get ignorant, apathetic viewers of music videos to vote look ... well ... ignorant and apathetic.

SWNID asserts that part of the left's mythology is that low voter turnout is what keeps the left from gaining absolute power, their historic destiny. Hence, we are browbeaten by P. Diddy and Drew Barrymore about our failure to turn out for elections, as if ignorance and indifference were things that can be expressed in a voting booth to the benefit of the republic.

Additional note: Son of SWNID came across this article because it was assigned in his poli sci class at his swanky New England liberal arts college. So there may be hope for higher education after all.

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe there's hope, but I'm putting the odds at a hundred-to-one against. Any takers?