Friday, October 07, 2005

AP Reads SWNID, Breaks Miers Campbellite Angle

SWNID welcomes AP reporter Rachel Zoll, first MSM journalist to discuss the un-denomination to which Harriet Miers belongs, as a gentle reader. Zoll must have been reading this blog, as she has mined some of the identity of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement to get a handle on Miers's views.

Gentle readers should follow the link to see the relatively evenhanded way that Zoll treats the independent Christian churches and churches of Christ. We note, however, that her representation of recent events at Valley View may not be entirely accurate.

Zoll is especially to be commended for contacting the erudite Doug Foster of Abilene Christian University for his analysis of the movement. Doug's a great scholar and a cool guy.

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