Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Steyn: Evangelical Christianity Bad, Islam OK?

Global content provider Mark Steyn writes deliciously in the Telegraph about the ridiculous ends to which the British left wing will go to ridicule George Bush's Christian faith while at the same time supporting almost any measure deemed to show sensitivity to Muslims.

To wit: both the Independent (which isn't very independent anymore) and the Guardian made a big deal of the so-called Palestinian Foreign Minister's claim that President Bush claimed divine guidance for the invasion of Iraq. The story proved to be utterly without merit, but that didn't prevent those papers from running it as their lead, with big headlines.

Meanwhile, a town council in the UK is banning children's literature character Piglet from public display, as it may offend Muslims.

If you're looking for the paradox of religious identity these days, you'll find it nicely described here. But remember that Christianity has always been atop the standings for most controversial religion.

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