Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers a Campbellite! With Improved Hair!

The Christian Standard, venerable publication of record for the Christian churches and churches of Christ, reports that Harriet Miers is a very active member of the Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, Texas. Among other things, she has been active in the church's missions and children's ministries.

Valley View preaching minister and friend of SWNID Barry McCarty, himself no stranger to the corridors of political power, has much to say about Ms. Miers in the Standard posting.

SWNID observes that as a Campbellite, Miers will be tarred by some on the left as a member of the religious right. However, the consciously and historically nonpartisan and nonpolitical stance of the Stone-Campbell Movement should help Miers to navigate those shoals. She should fare better than the a capella brother Ken Starr, whose branch looks a bit looney to outsiders. Further, the predominant ethos of the center branch of the movement--largely middle class, suburban, and family friendly, i.e. socially conservative Republican--should assure the fire-breathers on the right that Miers will not be much for waffling on social issues.

Still, in Miers many will find much to which to object, or nothing to which to object, prompting much of which to be suspicious.

Except, that is, for her hair. Clearly Ms. Miers has updated her hairstyle since the file pictures were taken that wire services used earlier this morning. Given the rather obvious appearance of John Roberts's comb-over, her new do will be a relief to all who watch the confirmation hearings.

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