Friday, October 07, 2005

And They Say that There's No More Great Religious Art

"Christians" of exceptional taste and breeding will delight in the many religious renderings available here.

If this site proves anything, it's that the LDS are messed up not just theologically and socially but also aesthetically.

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UnGraven Image said...

There's a new religious art movement I'm founding called UnGraven Image. It uses original Bible texts for every stroke in a painting. It is based on theology held by all Christian and Jewish branches and denominations, basically that the world is created by the Words of the Lord. The letters (Hebrew) represent the essential building blocks of our universe. There's even a strong tie-in to cutting edge particle physics in the theory of the new art movement. There are many images, articles about the theory & history of art, an inspiring blog, etc. at
See more!
Happy to work with you, too.
May you be a blessing and be blessed,
Judy Rey Wasserman
Founder & Artist
UnGraven Image
"Changing the way we see the world one painting at a time"