Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For Those Who Thought Pelosi's Swearing-In a Bit Regal

There's further evidence of her monarchical aspirations in her insisting on personal use of an Air Force passenger jet, unprecedented in the history of the Speaker's office, and her minions accusing those who oppose her of sexism.

Queen Nancy's machinations are detailed in the Washington Times (motto: "Rev. Moon is probably senile now, so don't worry that he owns us").

We're not sure how this request, which would come out of the Air Force's budget and resources, squares with Pelosi's pledges regarding pay-as-you-go and the full funding of our troops.

Again, the person most hurt by all this is Hillary, for whom Pelosi is a doppelganger in the minds of America's unengaged electorate.

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Dustin said...

I wonder how much of this is truly a push by Pelosi herself for a larger, more luxurious aircraft, and how much is distortion by her opponents.

Other papers have quoted her as saying that she would fly commercial, but that the government prefers her to fly through Air Force means.

Interesting...but distortion is always present on both sides.