Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Miniter: Why Conservatives Love Rudy

We're only doing this again because some of you gentle readers haven't listened the first fifty times we did it.

To wit: Rudy is leading most polls of Republican voters in most states. Broken out for ideological demographics, polls show that he's leading among conservatives. Affirming that they know about his positions on social issues, conservatives still support him.

Brendan Miniter of OpinionJournal knows why. Giuliani conservatives believe that the man has the ability, lacking in more orthodox Republicans, to move the political establishment in the right direction. The man who took on NYC can take on DC the same way and with the same effect.

We are again reminded of the heroic Teddy Roosevelt. Distrusted by his party's establishment because of his soft commitment to core GOP principles, TR managed in just under two terms to get more done for his party and his country than had all the Republicans since Lincoln.

It's time for another skillful, energetic Knickerbocker.

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