Monday, February 26, 2007

So Says History: Rs Pick Pres Early, Ds Dither

We thank yet another gentle reader for linking us to a helpful AP article that notes what history might tell us about current presidential polls. The upshot is that Republicans tend to get behind their frontrunner early, while Democratic frontrunners often get swept away as the campaign develops. Not surprising to SWNID, it seems that Rs are engaged in thinking about their choices long before Ds get around to it.

In sum, this means that Rudy is a likely lock while Hillary might be in for a rough ride. And certainly, the tendency of the party of McGovern and Church to punish those who step outside of its pacifist orthodoxy, even for a moment, doesn't help her.

Still, we'll bet on the Clinton shredding machine to make so much human confetti of The Matron's intra-party opposition. But we'll expect further that such a campaign will leave her temperamental party disillusioned and independent voters offended for the general election, bruising her prospects further.

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