Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SWNID to Rudy: Stop Grossing-Out Supporters

Yesterday's NY Post featured this picture in late editions. Apparently it is also slated to appear in the next Harper's Bazaar. The woman is Judi Nathan Giuliani, the next FLOTUS, with her husband, the next POTUS.

When we were in junior high, certain couples did this kind of thing next to the lockers, and we all made gagging sounds. We all assumed that the behavior had more to do with wanting to be seen than with the desires that lead to the same behavior in private. Now a presidential candidate and his wife do it on the cover of a major publication, to the same effect and leading to the same conclusion.

Our Man is not helping himself with this nonsense, nor with Judi's pronouncement that her "big testosterone-factor husband" watches Sleepless in Seattle with her and obsesses over gifts.

Please, Rudy, don't try to take a page from Al Gore's playbook!

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JB in CA said...

I'm surprised SWNID missed the real point of the photo: Judi's a dominatrix. Obviously, Rudy's a Colts fan.