Monday, February 12, 2007

News You Won't Find Elsewhere: Asian Poverty and Global Warming

The following is a quotation from message by a Christian worker in the Philippines recounting the effects of a recent typhoon on his area (emphasis inserted):

Although rice is filling it is not the formula for good health. It must be combined with other foods and vitamins in order to sustain life and some degree of good health. Doctors in the Philippines have told us that people in the Philippines age all at once because their bodies often express outwardly what has been deteriorating inwardly once they hit 50 years of age. The pollution of water and air also contributes to their health problems. The West worries about air control and the green house effect while the east puffs out pollution and absorbs pollution just to stay alive. Such is the case throughout the Pacific Rim!

We say again what most don't seem to want to hear: the best way to control environmental degradation is to improve the standard of living of the world's poor, and the best way to do that is with free markets and free trade.

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