Monday, February 26, 2007

Queen Nancy's Daughter Does Jesus Camp One Better

USA Today provides today a platform for Don Feder to sound off about the latest documentary film from Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra. Entitled Friends of God, the film, per Feder, a la the Oscar-nominated Jesus Camp, is a collocation of the weirdest elements of evangelical and pentecostal Christianity.

We cite the article mostly for the chance to cast more aspersion on our Monarchical Speaker of the House, whose non-binding resolutions bring instant peace and justice to the evil world. But here's a Feder remark that we love:

It's the tried-and-true technique of filmmakers with an agenda — find the most embarrassing and absurd examples of whatever you want to lampoon and get them on camera.

We totally agree. In the immortal words of the most learned Jacob Neusner, "We have our kooks; you have your kooks. We don't want to trade our kooks for your kooks."

But we'll add one more moral exhortation, which we offer despite our belief that as long as there are people, there will be kooks:
Please, all who claim to follow Jesus: stop doing stupid stuff in his name.

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