Friday, February 16, 2007

News Flash: Bush Not an Idiot After All

Today's news suggests that President Chimpy W. Hitliar might be slightly better than the worst president in the history of the American Experiment.

First, it seems that the first days of the "surge" are bearing fruit. Some more big Al Qaida guys are dead or on the run. Al Sadr has told his henchmen to leave Iraq so that the pacification of Baghdad can proceed per government plan. Generally, when the guys on the other side die or run away, your side is viewed as winning. So, we affirm with the AP and other news sources that on February 16, 2007, we are winning in Iraq.

Second, David Broder of the WaPo, that most skeptical and world-weary of political analysts, devotes his column today to Bush's excellent political performance of late. Broder reserves the right to change his mind, of course, not least because matters in Iraq are far from settled. But he is already talking about comparisons to the resurgent presidencies of others once mired in the Slough of Despair.

We applaud all in the media who come around, even now and if only for a moment, to understand what SWNID has been saying lo these many months.

Courage, Defenders of the Republic! You labor not in vain!


Bryan D said...

An excellent post, as fellow readers I'm sure are accustomed to. This news is ironic on a day when Dems pushed through their "spout and pout" measure through the House. (You know, that one that does nothing other than making troops feel like they're working for nothing and that the carpet will be pulled from under their feet at any moment—that one).

In passing this measure today, already a day too late, D's demonstrate their addiction to failure. Go ahead, Queen Hilary, put that on your resumé.

Guy named Courtney said...

It has been refreshing to see that Iraq is doing better as of late, sadly I haven't been able to talk to some of my soldiers over there as of late due to our contant moving here but none the less I agree with bryan on his ideas on how troops feel. Even over here we're worried of losing money and equipment (which has already happened) to Iraq if Iraq looses money. Everything that happens there follows the rule that stuff rolls down hill and right now I'm standing next to a really big hill.