Monday, February 05, 2007

More Bad News For Rudy Haters

At the NY Post, political chamelion Dick Morris and co-writer Eileen McGann note what SWNID has been saying for months and what certain commenters on this blog have been ignoring. Namely: (a) Rudy Giuliani polls better than John McCain or any "conservative" among Republicans and conservatives; (b) he's probably the only person who can beat Hillary.

We promise to stop repeating it when you promise to accept reality. This "conservative on one issue," as he has been mischaracterized recently, is the favorite among conservatives for the nomination. And he's made the commitment to do what a pro-choice President (cf. Nixon in China or Johnson with voting rights) can do best: effectively nominate pro-life justices and support anti-abortion legislation.

Of course, we have to play the game to see who really wins. But remember that you did read it here first: 2008 will be Hillary v. Rudy, with a win to Rudy when Hillary's shrillness and prevaricating wear thin and Rudy carries NY and CA.


Bryan D said...

...AND CA... Well, that is certainly a bold prediction. All bets are on my friends!

RIV said...

California, really?
This IS the state that is represented by Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. Granted Pelosi's constituency is not statewide, but based in San Fran. I know that you don't like to respond to comments, but I am curious as to what quality that Rudy G has that will appeal to California voters.

Bryan D said...

You know who else is from California? The gleaming (if slightly psychotic) Steve Kubby.

Jim Shoes said...

Rudy will blow through CA like the Governator.